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Top quality, European standard
The vision of Imexpharm is to become a leading pharmaceutical firm in the country, with benchmark quality products produced according to European standards (EU-GMP).


Offering effective solutions for social health care
The mission of Imexpharm is to provide high-quality products and healthcare services for everybody.

The business philosophy

1.000 years later, lotus still in bloom
To confirm a philosophy, determination, and steadfastly following customer service commitments and for the community that Imexpharm has outlined inder the target strategy. Despite all the harsh hardships of life and business, Imexpharm is still confident to succeed in the end, like the longevity, development, and exaltation of the noble lotus. The flower has been transformed into Imexpharm image, brand, and people.

Our quality policy

“Initially being committed” to community health
  • Ensure our customers receive high-quality products & services in the right quantities and right time as agreements.
  • Be responsible to physicians and patients who introduce and use our products for quality, safety, and effectiveness.
  • Facilitate all staff understanding of our quality policy and the best conditions to implement the policy.
  • Improve the effectiveness of the quality management systems continually, enhance management capability and products & service quality.
  • Comply with requirements of ISO 9001, GMP, and the laws.


Core Values and The “supreme” principle
  • Customer focus - Always leading in service
  • Cooperation - When a problem occurs, consider yourself first
  • Perseverance - Do not say "no", please give solutions
  • Enthusiasm - Do not leave until it's done
  • Learning & Improvement - If you think you're the best, you're being left behind
  • Efficiency drive - Let's work together by numbers
IMEXPHARM leadership competency
  • Planning, Managing & Implementing of Plans
  • Stewardship of Resources
  • Problem Solving
  • Coaching & Developing Staffs
  • Motivating Staffs