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THE MINISTRY OF HEALTH OF SPAIN GRANTED THE CERTIFICATION OF EU-GMP SIMULTANEOUSLY FOR 03 PRODUCTION LINES OF THE HIGH-TECH BETALACTAM PLANT OF IMEXPHARM IN BINH DUONG The year 2016 became one of the most memorable milestone in the history of development and determination of investing in the core capability of “Product quality” when Imexpharm became the first domestic pharmaceutical company to obtain simultaneously the EU-GMP certification from the Ministry of Health of Spain (ICH group) for 03 production lines in the High-tech Betalactam Plant in Binh Duong being the Cephalosporin tablets and injection production lines and Penicillin injection production lines in September 2016.

With the advantage of costs of production and being one of the rare domestic enterprises to first obtain EU-GMP, PIC/SGMP certification, Imexpharm expected to develop its market shares well in the middle term and long term on all 3 channels: OTC, ETC and exports, with the target ratio to 2020 of 60%:30%:10% respectively.

IMPLEMENTATION OF THE PROJECT OF THE HIGH-TECH ANTIBIOTICS PLANT IN VINH LOC On 21 May 2016, the Board of Directors of Imexpharm Corporation approved the implementation of additional investment in the project of the High-tech Antibiotics Plant in Vinh Loc under EU-GMP standard as per Resolution 23/NQHDQT-IMEX, with the projected investment capital being 180 billion VND. The intention regarding the investment in this plant had been planned by the Leadership of Imexpharm several years ago. The high-tech antibiotics plant in Vinh Loc will be soon completed and commissioned by the end of 2018, an investment expected to yield short-term benefits in order to diversify EU-GMP-certified product lines, as well as to ease pressure on the Non-Betalatam Plant in Cao Lanh City which has been overloaded in the face of general pressure on growth.

EU-GMP certification | the project of the High-tech Antibiotics Plant in Vinh Loc

EU-GMP certification Imexpharm became the first domestic pharmaceutical company to obtain simultaneously the EU-GMP certification from the Ministry of Health of Spain (ICH group)

Issuing separate stock for strategic partners, like Pha No Pharmaceutical Joint Stock Company to raise the total charter capital to VND 289,426,460,000. Launching construction of the high-tech factory in Binh Duong, following EU-GMP standards, with new products launched onto the market and the expected investment capital of VND 300-350 billion, taken from the owner’s equity.

Issuance of individual shares to strategic partners

Construction of Hi-tech p ... in Binh Duong according to EU-GMP standards


The Corporation continued implementing training, rotating staff, human resource changes and company restructuring under BSC. Imexpharm issued shares to increase charter capital to 263,114,860,000 VND from surplus capital and the ESOP employee share program. The company upgraded its Cephalosporin and penicillin factories in Binh Duong to EU-GMP standard; with an estimated budget of 50 billion VND.

Training, repositoning, change of human resources and restructuring of the company according to the BSC

263,114,860,000 VND was the charter capital in 2014

The completion and opening of the Corporate Head Office Building, successful deployment of SAP-ERP Project, and deployment of the BSC project for restructuring the company, Re-approval GMPWHO for all factories, and approval WHO-GMP for the Injectable Penicillin factory in Binh Duong. Using materials produced by enzymatic technology of the Spanish DSM Group for well-known antibiotic products, such as pms-CLAMINAT, pms-PHARMOX, pms-OPXIL and pms-IMEDROXIL. Products, which are produced with this technology, are safe for public health and friendly to the environment.

Marking a new improvement in Imexpharm production

Enzymatic technology for antibiotic products


Launched SAP-ERP Project. Imexpharm became the first pharmaceutical company to deploy ERP projects across all 8 modules. Completed 10% bonus shares on charter capital, which was increased to 167,058,100,000 VND by drawing from capital surplus.

Imexpharm became the first Pharmaceutical Company to implement full ERP project on all 8 modules.

167,058,100,000 VND was the charter capital in 2012


In March - 2011, Novartis Group - Switzerland evaluated Binh Duong Cephalosporin factory to meet the stringent production standards of this partner.

The Corporation successfully issued shares to increase the charter capital to 152.145 billion VND.

June - 2011: Started construction of the injectable Penicillin factory at the Vietnam – Singapore II Industrial Park in Binh Duong. This factory applies European technologies and standards to produce powdered and injectable penicillin. The charter capital was increased to 50 billion VND from capital surplus

July - 2011: Started construction of a new Head Office at Cao Lanh City, Dong Thap. This project provided a completely new look, a physical representation of Imexpharm’s growth in the Mekong Delta Region and nationwide. Capital investment was 28 billion VND.

December - 2011: Established Binh Tan Sales Branch in Ho Chi Minh City to implement direct distribution of Imexpharm in Ho Chi Minh City area without intermediary distributors.

To be a partner of Novartis Group - Switzerland

152,145,000,000 VND charter capital by 2011


Cephalosporin Factory (in Vietnam - Singapore II Industrial Park, Binh Duong  Province) officially begins operation in September, with a total investment of 113 billion VND. This factory applies European technologies and standards to produce oral and injectable powder drugs - a new generation of cephalosporin. 2010 also saw the re-evaluation WHO GMP factory system, GSP-WHO warehouse system, and the first year evaluation of GMPWHO for the Binh Duong factory.

Cephalosporin plant in Vietnam - Singapore II Industrial Park at Binh Duong go into operation

Total investment was abou ... in compliant with European standard


Imexpharm signed a joint venture production contract with Pharma Science - Canada. Both parties agreed on the coproduction of 130 products, including 92 with registration codes and 86 marketed products.

Signed a joint venture contract with Pharma Science - Canada

130 products have been produced.


Successfully demonstrated “bioequivalence” of Imeclor Antibiotics 125 mg (containing Cefaclor). Charter capital was increased to 116,598,200,000 VND from the payment of dividends and issuing more dividends.

Successfully demonstrated “bioequivalence” antibiotic Imeclor 125 mg

Charter capital was increased to 116,598,200,000 VND


Charter capital was increased to 84 billion VND from issuing 20% bonus shares on charter capital, taken from the investment development fund. Imexpharm was the first pharmaceutical company to get approval from the State Securities Committee to list stock on the Ho Chi Minh City Stock Exchange (HOSE) starting December 4, 2006 under Decision No.76/UBCK

GPNY using the stock code ‘IMP.’ Invested and upgraded two factories, Betalactam and Non Betalactam, to satisfy GMP-WHO Standard (Good Manufacturing Practices), upgraded the laboratory to satisfy GLP-WHO Standard (Good Laboratory Practices), and upgraded the storage system to satisfy GSP -WHO Standard (Good Storage Practices).

Quater III/2006: charter capital was increased to 84,000,000,000 VND

The 1st Vn's pharmaceutic ... was approved by the State Securities Commission to list shares on the Ho Chi Minh Stock Exchange

Charter capital was increased to 64 billion VND by offering shares to strategic investors.

Charter capital was increased to 64 billion VND

Awarded a certificate of ... by the National Commission for Economic Cooperation


Imexpharm became the first equitized pharmaceutical corporation ‘Imexpharm Pharmaceutical JSC’ under Decision No.907/QDTg dated July 25, 2001 with charter capital of 22 billion VND.

The Imexpharm Corporation in 07/2001

22 billion VND was the charter capital


Imexpharm looked to Europe in search of a new growth path, which led Imexpharm to become the first pharmaceutical company in Vietnam to perform concession production for large European corporations (Biochemie).

Sending a greeting to European Nations

The 1st Vn's pharmaceutic ... produced franchising for the international corporations


Imexpharm became the first Pharmaceutical Company in Vietnam to meet the Good Manufacturing Practices standard (GMP ASEAN)


The 1st Company produce medicine under ASIAN- GMP standard in Vietnam


The Dong Thap People’s Committee established Dong Thap Pharmaceutical Company with Decision No. 120/QDTL. From this day, the company was built in the direction of sustainable development. The latest machinery equipment was installed and the higher qualified staff was recruited for the further development. There were about 200 people in staff and the annual revenue reached over 150 billion VND.

The company was set to be sustainable developing.

150 billion VND in annual revenue


The precursor of Imexpharm, Dong Thap Pharmaceutical United Enterprise, was founded in September, according to Decision no.284/Tccq dated September 28, 1983 by the Dong Thap Department of Health. The staff totaled approximately 70 people, about ten kinds of products being produced manually. The company had annual revenue of about 30 billion VND

Imexpharm was founded in September 1983

30 billion VND - the company annual revenue

Imexpharm's precursor was Pharmaceutical Company Level II

The early days

Pharmaceutical Company Le ... It is considered as the precursor of Imexpharm today