Imexpharm Culture

15/08/2016 - 10:51


1. Core Values and The “supreme” principle:

Customer Focus
All activities of Imexpharm have focused on customer care. We are ready to research, listen and understand to meet the demands of customers and patients on time, in both the short and long-term.

The employee of Imexpharm always performs work with a high sense of responsibility, faithfulness, and coordination, dealing in a quick and effective manner; we are ready to listen to offer humble advice.

At Imexpharm, we do not hesitate to face difficulties and challenges, we make efforts to pursue our targets.

Imexpharm employs dynamic staff who performs work with love and passion.

Learning and Continuous Improvement
Our employees are the key that helps Imexpharm to make significant achievements through learning and continuous self-improvement.

2. IMEXPHARM leadership competency:


3. Slogan:
“Initially Being Committed” Imexpharm pledges to keep the promise that, to attach themselves to customers, to follow the chosen path, providing effective solutions for public health.

4. The Business Philosophy:

5. The Meaning of IMEXPHARM logo:

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