IMP – Investor Relation News of Janurary 2021

By Quốc Huy
09/02/2021 - 16:49


(Unit Measurement: billion dongs)

Criteria Jan 2021 YTD 31 Jan 2021 % Plan 2021 YTD Jan 2020 Growth
Total net revenue and income 117.7 117.7 67.5 74.4%
Net revenue 117.6 117.6 67.4 74.5%
Profit before tax 20.1 20.1 10.6 89.6%

Total net revenue in income of the Company reached 117.7 billion dong, grew by 74.4% year over year. Due to the fact that last year January had Tet holiday, revenue had been influenced by this vacation. Therefore, sales in Jan 2021 have high growth rate because of this fact. However, business result of Imexpharm in Jan 2021 is pretty positive, the Company gradually catches the high growth rate momentum after many months under the impacts of the pandemic. Net revenue of Imexpharm mainly comes from products the Company produced and distributed and from a small amount of purchases but it is not considerable. Both OTC and ETC developed well in Jan 2021.
Profit before tax of Imexpharm also increased by 90% compared to Jan 2020. Gross margin has been kept stably at 41%.
At present, the Board of Directors has not disclosed the official annual plan for 2021 but Imexpharm will set the target conservatively, stick on the government growth objectives and base on the business and operation result in 2020 to deliver the detailed goals in 2021.



In Jan, there were 1,372,130 IMP stock traded, in which 137.530 stocks were dealt by put through method; the rest of 1,234,600 were transacted by order matching via stock exchange. In general, IMP stock liquidity is good although the liquidity has been decreasing compared to the last period. The highest closing price of IMP was 59,500 dong/share while the closing one was 52,800 dong/share. Vietnam stock market fluctuated in Jan 2021, Imexpharm stock also followed the market trend; however, the variance between closing price of the first and the last round was about 3%, which was correspondent to the value of 1,700 dong/share.


In Jan 2021, Imexpharm commenced to implement business plan in 2021. The main objective is to keep safe for nearly 1,300 staff, maintain business continuity, stable growth and sustainable development in the context of uncertainties.
The pandemic is moving complicatedly. Hence, the Company is strictly following the guidance of Ministry of Health for protection and fighting with the pandemic as well as propagating the methods to protect health for each Imexpharm employee.

In December 2020, Imexpharm received the decision to investigate about tax and request to work with General Department of Taxation in relation to the variance between the officials of the Department and the Company tax calculation. In this inspection, Imexpharm has been collected tax arrears of 4,100,954,088 dong including the tax paid of 3,018,129,019 dong and the penalty of 479,199,253 due to late settlement and the penalty of 603,625,806 dong because of wrong declaration. The Company has received the minutes of meeting from the Tax inspectors but there is no official decision yet. The Company will abide by the Vietnam laws. The mistakes and errors in tax calculation will be corrected and Imexpharm will fulfill all obligations with the government. Besides, the Company is using the Investment and Development fund to pay for taxation; therefore, there is no impact on the Company’s profit. Imexpharm will disclose information sufficiently and officially to shareholders and investors as regulated by the Law on Securities once receiving the official decision from the General Department of Taxation.

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