IMP – Investor Relation News of February 2021

By Quốc Huy
15/03/2021 - 13:17


(Unit Measurement: billion dongs)

Criteria Feb 2021 YTD Feb 2021 % Plan 2021 YTD Feb 2020 Growth rate
Total net revenue and other income 80.5 198.2 13.0% 162.2 22.2%
Net revenue 80.4 198 161.9 22.3%
Profit before tax 14.5 34.6 11.9% 24.9 39.0%

February 2021 falls in the Tet holiday, therefore, working time is short and total net revenue and other income is lower than February of 2020. However, total net revenue and other income accumulated to the end of Feb was 198.2 billion dong, increased by 22.2% year over year and met 1% of the annual plan (1,530 billion dong). Imexpharm products accounted for very high portion in revenue structure, 97.1%. OTC and ETC channel both have been growing as of end of Feb, 2021. After the time affected by the crisis induced by the pandemic, OTC has some signals of positive recovery. Besides, ETC has caught the growth momentum.
Profit before tax accumulated until end of Fed reached 34.6 billion, rose by 39% compared to the figure of correspondent period of 2020. However, selling expenses and administrative expenses of Imexpharm have been increasing again due to the fact that marketing activities to stimulate the demand have been resumed after long time to follow social distancing orders. In details, selling expenses in the first two months slightly grew by 1.3% while administrative expenses increased 1.3 billion dongs (correspond to the level of 12.6%). Imexpharm continues to restructure product portfolio and control expenses tightly to maintain sustainable profit as well as to be more active to tackle uncertainties in the market.



In Feb 2021, there was a Tet holiday season, the number of transaction days were 15 days. However, there are 1,240,600 stocks traded and the number of average transacted stocks were 82,707 shares/day. In which, 1,071,800 stocks were dealt via order matching, the rest of 168,800 stock were traded by put through. There were 2,612,730 stocks were transacted during 2 first months of 2021.
The closing price of first transaction round in 2021 was 58,000 dong/share whereas the closing price of the last round was 63,600 dong/share, increased by 9.7%, corresponding to the amount of 5,600 dong/share. The good business result and the belief of economic recovery after the pandemic have push the growth of IMP stock in the first 2 months of 2021.


In Feb 2021, Imexpharm performed customer care activities in the occasion of trad0itional Tet holiday while strictly follow the policy to protect and fight against the pandemic.
Imexpharm Board of Directors has approved to pass the business plan in 2021 to present to the General Meeting of Shareholders. The target of total net revenue and other income is 1,530 billion dong, grows by 10.7% while profit before tax plan is 290 billion dong, increasing 13.5% year very year. The plan of Imexpharm was set conservatively based on the forecast of Imexpharm business operations in 2021 together with the movements of domestic and international economy and impacts of the pandemic in 2021.
Imexpharm has disclosed the tentative date to organize the General Meeting of Shareholders on 24 April 2021, the last record date would be 22 March 2021. Imexpharm has received the official decision from General Taxation Department about tax administrative penalty and penalty on late payment. The Company has disclosed sufficiently to comply with the regulations. Imexpharm has also paid to the State budget for the tax and penalty charges stipulated in the decision. These amounts have been distributed from Development Fund of the Company.

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