Imexpharm Investor Relations News of 11/2019

By Quốc Huy
23/12/2019 - 9:51


IMP stock in November 2019

General information
Stock symbol IMP
Listed Exchange HSX
The price range in 52 weeks (VND) 46,200-58,500
Number of listed shares 49,421,159
Number of outstanding shares 49,387,359
Operating sector Manufacturing and trading pharmaceutical products
Market capitalization (30th Nov 2019)  2,691.6  billion dongs
Foreign room 49%
P/E (time) 16.5
P/B (time) 1.64
Shareholder structure (to 30/09/2019)
– Vinapharm – Joint Stock Company 22.87%
– Foreign investors 48.48%
+ In which:

Professional stock investors are major shareholders owning more than 5% of the total listed shares

– Special shareholders (Board of Directors + Board of Management+ Chief Accountant+ Person in charge of information disclose), Company Union 3.12%
– Others 25.53%
VNIndex and IMP in November  11/2019

VNIndex in November had many adjusted rounds with deep deeply downward trends. VNIndex started November at the price of 999,92 points. This figure increased at the beginning date of the month and reach a peak of 1,02491 on 06th November.

However, after this achievement, VNIndex dropped gradually and touched the bottom of 970.75 points. VNIndex had declined 30 points compared to the opening price. Investors community showed their caution in the end dates of this year although there is no negative information.

Opposite to the movement of VNIndex, IMP price in November increased more than 10% month over month. IMP commenced November with the price of 49,450 dongs/share and the closing price of 29th November was 54,500 dongs/share. The positive impacts of circular 15 together with EU-GMP factories of Imexpharm being exploited had contributed to creating a good reputation for IMP and led this stock rise.

Transaction volume

In November, IMP did not have any put through transactions but traded amounts increased dramatically compared to October. Total transacted shares were 436,420 in November, which rose 1.5 times in comparison with the previous month. Total average order matched shares were 20,782 shares/day. Transactions mainly occurred in the 3rd week of the month. In the beginning dates, IMP transactions were not considerable.


(Unit measurement: billion dong)

Criteria November 2019 YTD 30th November 2019 % Plan of 2019 YTD November 2018 Growth rate
Total net revenue and income 152.6 1,171.5 80.8% 1,048.6 11.7%
Net income 152.3 1,153.7 1,028.5 12.2%
Profit before tax 29.2 185.1 84.1% 169.3 9.3%

Up to November of 2019, the total net revenue and income of Imexpharm reached 1,171.5 billion dongs, grew 11.7% year over year. In the strongly competitive context and slow upward trend of the pharmaceutical industry, Imexpharm had achieved an 80.8% revenue target set by the General Meeting of Shareholders. Imexpharm products still play a vital role in revenue structure and accounted for over 90%. Profit before tax accumulated until November 2011 was 185.1 billion dongs, rose 9.3% in comparison with the earlier year. Imexpharm Corporation is putting all efforts to meet revenue of 1,400 billion and a profit of 220 billion dongs in 2019.

(Unit measurement: billion dong)


Presenting of ImexMedical Forum in 2019

In December, Imexpharm has organized Medical Forum of 2019 with the topic “Practical issues of Community-Acquired Pneumonia in diagnostics and treatments” in Pullman Saigon Hotel. This Forum has attracted the participation of more than 200 medical doctors and key staff of Vietnam Lung Association. Thanks to this conference, health technicians, medical doctors have a chance to meet and share experiences about the disease of Community-Acquired Pneumonia and issues related to medical care and clinical practice for this disease. This forum is considered to be the greatest connected seminar of Imexpharm. The Company has been boosting activities to connect key specialists, medical doctors and practitioners to better deal with popular illness in the community and improve the health of residences.


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