IMP – Imexpharm Investor Relations News May, 2021

By Quốc Huy
11/06/2021 - 10:34


(Unit: Billion dongs)

Criteria May 2021 Year to 31st May 2021 % Plan 2021 Year to 31st May 2020 Growth rate
Total net revenue and other income 101.8 508.2 33.2% 455.3 11.6%
Net revenue 101.3 502.2 451.5 11.2%
Profit before tax 21.3 97.6 33.7% 77.4 26.1%

Total net revenue and income accumulated until the end of May 2021 of Imexpharm were 508.2 VND billion, which made up 33.2% of the annual plan and grew by 11.6% year over year. Net revenue of the first 5 months attained 502.2 VND billion and increased by 11.2% compared to the corresponding period of the previous year. Imexpharm products accounted for the vast majority in revenue structure at 97%. Besides, franchising and other products’ sales decreased rapidly compared to last year. The rate of OTC/ETC in accumulated revenue structure until 31st May 2021 was 63%/37%.
Profit before tax accumulated until the end of May 2021 was 97.6 VND billion and met 33.7% of the annual target. However, profit before tax of the first 05 months in 2021 witnessed an impressive increase of 26.1% in comparison with the figure of the same period of the earlier year. Cost of goods sold for the period from 01 Jan to 31 May 2021 rose by 6.3% year over year while net revenue experienced a rise of 11.2%. Thus, gross margin has been improved compared to 2020. Other income in the first 05 months of 2021 also surged year over year.
Besides, administrative expenses slightly increased by 1.1% but selling expenses of the first 05 months grew by 18.6% due to the fact that sales support and marketing activities have been resumed after a prolonged period of following the pandemic prevention measures. However, it is predicted that in the coming months, selling expenses would slowly increase as the 4th wave of the pandemic is out breaking in Northern provinces and Ho Chi Minh city, which induces the disruption of sales and marketing activities because the Company must comply with the social distancing orders and avoid gathering in groups.


It was witnessed fewer IMP transactions in May than the previous months of the year. In May, there were 876,900 IMP shares traded. The average transaction volume was 43,845 shares/day. Simultaneously, there was no put-through deal recorded in May 2021. The total amount of order matching stocks was approximately equal to the figure of May 2020. However, in May 2020, IMP experienced put through the transaction of SK Investment Vina III to become Imexpharm’s strategic shareholder.


The Ho Chi Minh Stock Exchange has announced the information about the final registration date to receive IMP dividend in 2020 of 24 Jun 2021 and the ex-dividend date is 23 June 2021 together with the dividend payment date of 16 July 2021.
The pandemic is moving unpredictably since May 2021 in Northern provinces and Ho Chi Minh city; therefore, Imexpharm has reviewed sales support and marketing activities to ensure that the Company fully obeys the pandemic prevention measures issued by the Ministry of Health and provincial Governments.
Ensuring safety for all Imexpharm employees during the pandemic is the top priority. In addition, the Company has issued many guidelines to instruct on preventive actions and disseminate them to all employees. Imexpharm also evaluated the impact of the pandemic on human resources to propose possible scenarios in order to maintain business and production continuity.
Continuing to control expenditures, account receivables and inventories is also one of the most important objectives of Imexpharm in Jun 2021 as well as the next months.

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