IMP – Imexpharm Investor Relations News July, 2021

By Quốc Huy
15/08/2021 - 11:23


(Unit: Billion dongs)

Criteria July 2021 YTD 31 July 2021 % Plan of  2021 YTD 31 July 2020 Growth rate
Total net revenue and other incomes 76.0 699.8 45.7% 680.1 2.9%
Net revenue 71.7 685.5 674.7 1.6%
Profit before tax 10.7 127.6 44% 124.9 2.2%

Total net revenue and other incomes of Imexpharm in July 2021 reached 76 billion Vietnamese dongs, which reduced 8.2% year over year while net revenue decreased by 12.9%. Profit before tax of the Company in July 2021 plummeted by 24.6% compared to the figure of July 2020. Significant increases in manufacturing and business cost due to applying the 3 “in place” model and preventive measures against the pandemic made a profit in July 2021 dramatically decline in comparison with the number of July 2020. In terms of revenue structure, Imexpharm products have been playing a vital role in the structure with a portion of 95.6%, the next position is franchising products accounting for 3.6%, and other purchases made up 0.8%. The proportions of OTC/ETC in revenue structure were 61.3% and 38.7% respectively.
Accumulated net revenue and income until the end of July 2021 attained 699.8 billion dongs, slightly increasing 2.9% year over year. While net revenue went up 1.6% compared to the figure of the previous year. Profit before tax accumulated until the end of July 2021 was 127.6 billion dongs, which grew by 2.2% in comparison with the number of last year.
The cost of goods sold in the first seven months of 2021 is being well controlled by the Company and felt slightly by 1.8%. As the Company has boosted selling programs in the months before the outbreaks of the pandemic, selling expenses rose by 20.3% in comparison with the figures of the first seven months of 2020. However, in the coming periods, the Company forecasts selling expenses would be tightly controlled and growing slowly. In addition, administrative expenses accumulated to the end of July 2021 also increased moderately by 3.1% year over year.



IMP did not witness many transactions in July 2021. In this month, there are 305.700 shares being traded, in which 133,900 shares were dealt via put through the method and 171,800 shares were transacted by order matching on the stock exchange. The total transaction volume of IMP in July is equal only to 1/5 of the amount of July 2020. The average order marching number in July was 7,809 shares per day, which is much lower than the figure of 25,986 shares/day of June 2021. Besides, IMP price has experienced a downward trend in July 2021. The closing price of the last round in June was 79,800 dong while the closing price recorded in the last round of July was 72,500 dong, therefore, if a comparison is made between prices of the last rounds in June and July, IMP price in July declined by 9.1%, which corresponds to the reduction of 7,300 dong/share.


In July, Imexpharm paid dividends by cash for shareholders at the ratio of 15%/par value on 16 July.
Imexpharm has reviewed all production activities at factories to ensure safety for employees. The Company has implemented the 3 “in place” model as recommended by the local authorities.
Moreover, the Company has strengthened online activities including conferences, seminars, sales supports, and virtual trainings for medical representatives.
Imexpharm is closely following the schedule to accredit EU-GMP for IMP4 to ensure that this factory will be certified EU-GMP in 2021 and start commercial productions in the second half of 2022.
The top priority in August and quarter 3 is still to ensure safety in business and production, especially good health for medical representatives and sales supports staff around the country. In addition, the Company still maintains 3 “in place” models safely.
Revenue in quarter 03/2021 is predicted to fall sharply due to the impacts of the pandemic. Hence, Imexpharm continues to control expenses and inventories tightly to reach the profit target and meet the demand of working capital of the Company.

Investor Relations Department (IR)
Add : 63B-65B No.2 Street, Lu Gia Block, Ward 15, District 11, HCMC.
Tel : (+84) 28.3866.9856
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