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25/03/2020 - 0:50


(Unit Measurement: billion dongs)

Criteria Feb 2020 YTD Feb 2020 % Plan 2020 YTD Feb 2019 Growth rate
Total net revenue and income 94.7 162.2 9.3%  152.4 6.4%
Net sales 94.5 161.9      150.5 7.6%
Profit before tax 14.3 24.9 9.6%        24.5 1.6%

Accumulated total net revenue and income of Imexpharm until Feb 2020 was 162.2 billion dongs, which increased 6.4% year over year while net sales rose by 7.6%. Imexpharm products have been playing a significant role and accounted for 86% of the revenue structure of the Company. Franchising products in the first two months of the year had rapid growth of 53% compared to 2019. Total franchising revenue reached 19.4 billion dongs.

The ratio OTC: ETC in 2 months was 79.5% and 20.5% respectively. ETC portion declined in total revenue structure due to the impact of the Tet holiday; however, OTC surges in the first months of 2020 because consumers had trends to stock medicines in the complicated movement of the pandemic.

Profit before tax of Imexpharm slightly increased in comparison with 2019. Imexpharm other incomes in 2 months of 2020 were only 341 billion dongs while the figure for 2019 was 1.84 billion dongs, which caused slow growth of profit before tax.

The fraction-cost of goods sold/net sales accumulated until Feb 2020 was 58.2% while last year percentage was 59.4%

Selling expenses had an upward trend together with the development of OTC; in detail, this expenditure rose 15.5% compared to the earlier year. While administrative expenses had a small increase of 2.9%

On the whole, IMP business within the 2 first months of 2020 was stable, grew not very fast in comparison with 2019. But there were a lot of holidays in this period and the travel restrictions because of the Covid-19 pandemic; therefore, IMP has been managing well our activities in the more and more complicated pandemic.




IMP share in Feb 2020 fluctuated in the range of 50,600 and 64,900 dongs. Due to the impacts of the epidemic, the pharmaceutical company was paid more attention because of the general trend that pharmaceutical stocks have well defended. Although there were 20 transaction days in Feb, there were 3,131,090 shares have been traded via order matching method, the average transacted stocks per day were 156,554 shares and 313,060 shares were put through dealt. Impressive growth in 2019 and huge potentials in exploiting EU-GMP factories have contributed to making IMP more attractive in investors’ eyes.


The company has continuously controlled raw material inventories to react with the lack of materials situation due to the effects of the Covid 19 epidemic. Besides, Imexpharm will focus on managing operating expenses to ensure that all targets of 2020 are on right track, especially for total revenue and profit plan approved by BOD to present to the Annual General Meeting of Shareholders.

On the other hand, the Company propagandizes the perception of caution, fight against pandemic to all employees for each member of Imexpharm to be healthy, safe and overcome the epidemic.

The preparations for the Annual General Meeting of Shareholders 2020 are processed as planned and on time. The list of shareholders was recorded on 18 March 2020 and the expected date is on 17th April 2020.

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